The ups and downs of weight loss

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When you read the title, I’m sure you thought right away at someone loosing and gaining back the weight, the famous yoyo effect. Yes, that is one of the ups and downs of weight loss, but there are many more.

Motivation fluctuates a lot during a weight loss process and it’s totally normal. I think that motivation is what suffers the most from ups and downs in the process.

At first, we are determined, we decided to do it, we are cranked up, and motivation is probably at 200%. We dive in, we eat right, we workout every day, everything is going well. And then, unplanned events take place, our schedule, our routine are thrown, we workout less, we start eating less healthy and finally days go by and we realize it’s been one or two weeks that we’ve stopped everything and that we’re eating badly. The motivation is gone. NO!!! How come? Where did it go? Stay calm, reassure yourself, you are completely normal. We can’t’ be pumped up at 200% all the time. That’s why it’s important to find motivational tools and turn towards discipline. Discipline is doing it even you lack motivation. Discipline will stabilize your motivation.

Emotions also fluctuate a lot in a weight loss process. It’s normal to feel all range of emotions: happiness, pride, well-being, confidence, frustration, deception, discouragement.

The trap we have to avoid at all cost to have success and gain lifetime healthy habits is to not let our motivation and emotions be dictated to vary only in terms of our weight on the scale, which happens all too often. Everyone, when they see a loss on the scale feels happy, proud, motivation is high and the reverse is also true. At the sight of a gain on the scale, we are suddenly discouraged, frustrated, we want to quit everything, motivation declines. That’s typical and normal.

To avoid extremes ups and downs, I personally turn to consistency and discipline. Consistency and discipline in my eating and in my workouts. I’m not perfect of course, and I’d like to share a secret with you: I have been at the same weight for months, I’m not losing weight anymore, Am I discouraged? No! Am I frustrated? No! Do I want to quit everything? NEVER! That would be silly. If I quit everything that I’ve accomplished up to now, I would only go back to where I was over two years ago: obese, in poor health and unhappy. So even if, worse comes to worse, I maintain my current weight for the rest on my life, I’m still way ahead than where I was over two years ago.

Now this being said, it doesn’t mean that I never feel down, or frustrated, or never lack motivation. I am human after all and yes, I’ve been through all of that before. But I don’t stay in those negative emotions, I quickly go back to the positive by talking to myself, by reasoning with myself, by reminding myself of all my victories, all my process and my reasons for wanting to change my lifestyle.

In spite of the months of maintaining my weight, which many would live as a failure, I live it as a success because I could have easily gained all the weight back like I did so many times in the past, but no, I maintained! Victory! And on top of that, I gained permanent lifestyle habits that are healthy! Victory!

Now it’s time to get the machine going again, but for that I realize I have some work to do in my head. I have to see what my relationship with food is. I think that my plateau, my blockage is now on that level. Never forget that weight loss is not only physical but mental as well. The biggest changes that need to take place are in our head, our mental, our beliefs, the way we see food, physical activity etc…


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