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Sandra Manegre Founder, President, Life and business coach NLP certified


Sandra Manegre

Founder, President
Life and business coach NLP certified

About our founder

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sandra Manegre and I am the founder of mango coach. I have cumulated 12 years of experience within a manufacturing company of international caliber. Those years have allowed me to acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience that are simply priceless in my eyes.

Let me explain. During those professional years I developed a true passion for computers, because I had the opportunity to teach the internationally renowned software SAP.

Which brings me to tell you that many times, I have gone through very stressful and particularly difficult situations. Whether these were related to deliverables, deadlines, budget, personality conflicts, they were all consuming my energy.

I then begin to realize throughout the years that if those situations remained undealt with and in silence,  they caused me a lot of physical and mental fatigue. And if I chose to ignore this fatigue, it would eventually transform into disease and sickness.

Time goes by and in November 2012, following an organizational restructuring, I find myself jobless, therefore on unemployment benefit.

Many possibilities are in front of me. Amongst those, I choose to embrace my new reality and go through the mourning process of my twelve years as a professional for the same employer.

Once my mourning was complete, it was quite obvious that a professional reorientation was needed in my life.

It is at that moment that I decided to listen to what my heart had to say. Its message was brief and concise: you know your passion, now find the courage, the determination and the perseverance to make a living from it.

It is at that moment that I undertook a degree course of 1080 hours of NLP that would allow me to work on my inner self to give me the possibility to then take action, meaning to gather all that is required to transmit the following message to others: you have a dream, you can realize that dream, you aspire to a better life, it is within your reach.

How to do it, that’s how mango coach was born.


Sandra Manegre