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Isabelle Gagné Health Coach, Health Speaker

Isabelle Gagne

Isabelle Gagné

Health Coach, Health Speaker

About me

Let me introduce myself, my name is Isabelle Gagné. I have made my entry at the University of Ottawa in 1993, where I have completed two Bachelor’s degrees, the first being in Biochemistry, the second being in Chemical Engineering. I then decided to push my limits by registering in Biochemical Engineering, in which I obtained my Master’s degree.

My student life being over, I began a job for the government as a patent examiner for the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

So, former student, now public servant, mother of two boys and spouse to the love of my life.

I was convinced that I had the winning formula that would allow me to be beautiful, happy and fulfilled. But I found myself faced with the consequences of a chaotic way of eating, and a very sedentary lifestyle. The consequences were chronic fatigue, general anxiety disorder, and a scale that indicated an excess weight of 85 lbs.

Uncomfortable in my body and in my head, it is in October 2012 that I had a lightbulb moment. If I maintain this lifestyle, my weight will just keep increasing, my health will keep declining and I will have no quality of life.

Being conscience of those facts meant that I would have to re-organize my whole life. But I was willing to let go of all the excuses that I had over abused in the last ten years in order for me to live as a “healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Therefore, one day at a time, I decided to make concrete changes that would prove to me that I had made the right choice that day when I decided to take my life into my own hands. One thing I was doing on a daily basis was to post my progress on social media. This was crucial to me because I was getting tons of support.

Then as time went one, the dynamic on social media changed. For many, I had become a source of inspiration, which increased my own motivation.


Isabelle Gagné