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mango coach – NLP – AppStore

Developer: Philippe Chancy
Date: 9 January 2016
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Application’s description

As soon as your state of being becomes uncomfortable and the possibility to either get rid of an insecurity, stop worrying, calm your anger, stay in the present moment or make a hard decision can be done through an elaborate mobile application based on the notion of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), that means that at your fingertips, you hold the possibility to access a better world in a life context where efficiency and speed are the only masters on board to access success.

After your application download, follow the quick and easy steps:
• select the state of being that you identify with right now;
• at your own rhythm, follow each of the short steps.

During 21 days, at a daily frequency, access a state of well-being. This will allow you to develop a life habit that will open the doors towards the better world that you aspire to.
From this moment on, you have the possibility to quickly access your state of well-being as often as you desire. From now on, you no longer have any valid excuse to stay in your uncomfortable state of mind.

Application’s significant advantages:
• follow your personal evolution through key indicators that will show you your diligence in giving yourself the privilege to feel good;
• evolve smoothly, at your own rhythm and in your own intimacy;
• in a state of well-being, seize the opportunity of obtaining your full potential without dishing out money;
• benefit freely from all the new NLP tools that, with time will be added to the application.

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