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A heart cannot be steered

Date: 20 June 2015

Intention of the project

A heart cannot be steered, it must be listened to

The art of listening, simple for some, complex for others.

When complexity enters our life, a questioning period begins. Who is the best teacher, how can I come into contact with him, can I afford his services etc.

The best teacher in the art of listening is none other than your heart.

You will ask “why is my heart the best teacher in this level of logic?” Make no mistake, your heart will reveal to you the road to travel. The moment you decide to ignore your heart’s voice, it will suddenly whisper in your ear and if you choose to ignore it again, it will simply murmur until the moment you decide to listen. 

Which means that sooner or later, you will have to stop disregarding its voice and listen. 

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The heart cannot be steered