Vous recevrez des articles afin d’atteindre vos objectifs de vie, vos objectifs santé et de vous réaliser dans un état de bien-être.

You will receive articles to help you reach your life goals, your health goals and to allow you to realise yourself in a state of well-being.
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Our approach

Our approach

The birth of mango coach is first and foremost the result of a profound conviction that defines our founder. That conviction is that it is possible to pursue professional goals as well as personal goals at the same time. When the pursuit of goals is healthy and well balanced, it is possible to accomplish oneself both on a professional and a personal level. 

To do so, our founder has chosen to make a difference using the approach of Neurolinguistic Programming.

Before proceeding, a concrete explanation of what is Neurolinguistic Programming is provided below:

From our life experiences, since our very early childhood, we have created and recorded complex programs to think, analyze, feel and adapt to our environment and to people around us. Unique to each person and his own experiences, these programs, once recorded, rapidly become second nature, habits.

The programs are encoded and recorded in neurones. In fact, it is because we possess a nervous system that we are capable of perceiving our environment, thinking, feeling and acting. Many techniques of NLP to bring change are based on the creation and the reorganisation of those thoughts and behavior programs we have encoded in our neurones throughout our lives.

Our mental programming manifests itself through our verbal and nonverbal language. Our language structure reflects the way we think and the way we organize our vision of daily events.