My health: my guilt-free priority

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I often ask people to name their biggest life priority. My answer is fast and simple: my health. Most people will tell me « my kids », « my family ». You’re going to tell me that kids and family is very normal as number one priority. Yes, and no. I might offend a few people, but let me explain.  According to me, health should always be a person’s number one priority. After that should come kids and family. Why? Simply because without your health, who will be there to take care of your kids and family? Without your health, how will you enjoy the time with your kids and family?

People feel guilty putting themselves on top, especially women. We are so used to helping out everyone, taking care of everyone, always before ourselves. We forget ourselves, we do it all for others and when we can’t do it anymore, people don’t accept it because now they have to do what you had been doing.

Parents of babies and very young children are the worst at this. They believe that they always have to be with baby. Stimulate him, play with him, talk to him, and they take no time for themselves. Even taking a shower becomes a luxury often. I know, I did that with my first born. At two months old, I was teaching him his shapes and colors, imagine! That belief or obligation we put on ourselves as parents that we always have to be doing an activity with the is completely false. Even as babies, or being very young, kids need to spend some time alone a little during the day. That allows you to workout a bit, take a shower, cook healthy meals, relax, take some time for you. It’s important for children to see that daddy and mommy have other things to do and they can’t be with them all the time. You will help them develop other essential abilities.

I’m not saying to leave baby unsupervised, but let’s say you want to workout, baby can be in his high chair or his swing with you in the living room while you do a DVD. He will surely find it funny to see you moving around!

S0 in 2016, think about it, put yourself, your health as your biggest priority and do not feel guilty about it. It’s good for you, your health and it’s good for everyone around you to be with someone that is in shape, rested and healthy. And the more in shape you will be, tell yourself you will save time in your day because you will be more efficient in your daily tasks. Weird to say but ever since I started working out at least 30 minutes a day, I have more time for myself than before.

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