Vous recevrez des articles afin d’atteindre vos objectifs de vie, vos objectifs santé et de vous réaliser dans un état de bien-être.

You will receive articles to help you reach your life goals, your health goals and to allow you to realise yourself in a state of well-being.
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In November 2013, the heart of mango coach starts beating.

Our mission, create a world in which self-realisation in a state of well-being is possible.

Mango coach has been designed to allow each person to claim ownership of his vision to then make that vision a reality.

Our goal: that each person accomplishes self-realisation and develops its full potential to then put that potential in the hands of an unlimited number, to give humanity a second breath.

Today flexibility, mobility and speed have integrated all five continents.

Imagine for a few minutes what the future will look like in two decades from now.

Emerging from a foundation in Neurolinguistic Programming, mango coach is the beginning of a new era where achievement and success become a way of life.

Founded by Sandra Manegre, Professional Certified Coach in Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP for some, mango coach becomes an automatic reflex when the burning desire to accomplish self-realisation in a state of well-being manifests itself.