Vous recevrez des articles afin d’atteindre vos objectifs de vie, vos objectifs santé et de vous réaliser dans un état de bien-être.

You will receive articles to help you reach your life goals, your health goals and to allow you to realise yourself in a state of well-being.
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Health coach

Why choose Isabelle Gagné as your health coach?

Because I’ve been through the journey myself to take my health into my own hands, to lose weight, to learn to eat healthy, to integrate exercise in my life. Because I understand the obstacles, the emotions you will go through along your journey. Because I can guide you with the knowledge I have cumulated and my personal life experience.  I offer you personalized coaching, according to your needs, your life schedule. I will help you find solutions compatible with your life. Whether your needs are in terms of nutrition, for example, establishing healthy menus, choosing healthy products when shopping, how to cook, or in terms of exercise, for example how to integrate it in your life on a daily basis, in terms of planning and organizing, or in terms of motivation, we will work together in order for you to achieve and maintain for life your health goals.  My goal will be to provide you with the tools and knowledge for you to be able to fly on your own and make it a permanent lifestyle. Developing a healthy lifestyle is essential!


Personalised coaching

According to your needs, your schedule, and your lifestyle. Focused solutions for you to reach your goal. Support and motivation.

Weight / Nutrition

Go back to a simple, fast and delicious way of eating. Grocery shopping list, meal lists. Healthy recipes. Tips for cooking. Information to make healthy choices in stores and restaurants.

Physical activity

Integration of physical activity on a daily basis, selection of a physical activity that will suit you. Go from sedentary to active. Moving is health!

Motivation / Discipline

Motivation fluctuates, discipline can be learned and consistency is the key to success. Tools and tips for motivation and discipline. Maintain a high level of engagement.

Organisation / Planning

Tools and tips for time management, planning your schedule, meals, menus, physical activity, family obligations, work. Simplify your life and gain time.

Habits / Emotional journey

Tools for managing your emotions in order to change your relationship with food, physical activity, yourself and others.


$ 397Duration of 17 weeks

  • Meeting by telephone or Skype
  • 1 meeting of 60 min.
  • 2 meeting of 30 min.
  • 14 meeting of 15 min.
  • 31 meeting of 5 min.
  • Shopping lists and recipes
  • Unlimited emails


$ 287Duration of 14 weeks

  • Meeting by telephone or Skype
  • 1 meeting of 60 min.
  • 2 meeting of 30 min.
  • 11 meeting of 10 min.
  • 25 meeting of 5 min.
  • Motivation tools
  • Unlimited emails


$ 215Duration of 11 weeks

  • Meeting by telephone or Skype
  • 1 meeting of 60 min.
  • 2 meeting of 30 min.
  • 8 meeting of 15 min.
  • Organitation tools
  • Planning tools
  • Unlimited emails


$ 200Duration of 8 weeks

  • Meeting by telephone or Skype
  • 1 meeting of 60 min.
  • 9 meeting of 15 min.
  • Emotional management tools
  • New habits tools
  • Food craving management tools
  • Unlimited emails
*Taxes included and receipt for insurance

 What they think of Isabelle Gagné

  • I’ve been following Isabelle Gagné’s motivation group for almost a year. She has given me many tips and advice on fitness, and she has made me more aware about clean eating. With the support and encouragement she has given me, I have lost almost 20 lbs and I have been maintaining that weight loss. She is available and attentive to the needs of the people that follow her. Thank you Isabelle, keep it up, we’re behind you!

  • Almost a year ago, I met a wonderful person by the name of Isabelle Gagné. I wanted to take my health into my hands and Isabelle was there for me, she coached me and encouraged me. Since she has entered my life, everything is going well for me concerning my health, I have regained my health even with my ovary disease. I am doing it and I can tell you that without Isabelle, I would not have made it.

  • Isabelle Gagné is the girl that always has a kind word, an encouraging word, or a solution to help when the need is there. I have been following her for a while now and she inspires me to push my limits, surpass myself and motivate others. I can always count on her if I need to talk. She always answers my questions with respect. Isabelle, keep it up, you are doing an amazing job!

  • For me, Isabelle Gagné has changed many aspects of my life. Since I’ve known her, I don’t eat the same way, I also want to help people, I always have in the back of my head to get my training done (even though I don’t always do ti, I don’t follow Isabelle’s beat 100% yet, but she inspires me to do so). She is very motivating and she never gives up!!! People who don’t know her are missing out, she always has a positive word to get you back up. Thank you for everything Isabelle!

  • An homage to a woman who brought me a lot of good. Thank you for encouraging me, for pushing me beyond my strength. Thank you for never giving up on me, for always being there for me and for giving me tips. You introduced me to clean eating, you gave me good recipes and challenges so I could push myself and take my health into my own hands. Thank you for being part of my life and to keep pushing me to keep working on myself, you never gave up on me, NEVER! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of you I’ve lost 18 lbs and I keep going!!! THANK YOUUUUU

  • Every day for the last while I’ve learned to push myself, I am in the best shape of my life! My secret? It has a name: Isabelle Gagné! She is the one that pushed my and helped me find the determination, but most of all, the true inside motivation. How do you ask?By a simple phrase that haunts me to this day: Never forget that the bottom line and the most important thing is fun… I learned to respect myself, respect my limits, my body. Isabelle was always there, never judged me, no matter my situation. With her perseverance, I learned to respect and love myself… Continue…

  • Continued…She was also the first one to believe in my journey, way before I even believed in it myself. She leads by example and you just want to follow her purely for the pleasure. Isabelle Gagné is definitely a positive leader in the changes in my life and many people’s lives. Today, I love to being active, so does my family and all the people around me. The impact she left in me is simplicity. By simplifying everything, there is no goal too big to achieve and we can do anything! That is the key to her success. Because of Isabelle, I’ve had a lot of positive in my life and I’ve lost a little over 100 lbs! I have gained muscle tone and a more balanced life. I am in the best shape of my life, all because of her unconditional support. I also joined the army…a childhood dream. Thank you for crossing my path at the right moment. What are you waiting for? You need a Isabelle Gagné!!








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