3 essential pre-weight loss steps

The new year has just begun, and like many people you probably took the resolution that this year is YOUR year to finally lose weight. Every year you take the same resolution and it doesn’t last, come February it’s over, you abandoned, but why? Most people that want to lose weight jump right into excessive changes in their eating habits and intense workouts. Before changing your eating habits or going to the gym 2 hours a day, here are the 3 essential steps in order to have a guaranteed success:

1.       Take position

It is crucial to take position with the process you are about to undertake. This means to express your goal out loud as well as by writing, to know the reasons why you wish to lose weight and say it with conviction loud and clear that quitting is not an option, that only success is acceptable and this, no matter how much time it takes you. Its crucial to clearly identify the reasons why, the profound reasons, the intrinsic reasons why you want to take on this journey, these life changes, because it is those reasons that’ll keep you going in the long run. This step will solidify your vision and your commitment to yourself. And in your moments of despair, take position again in the same way and move forward!

2.       Involve the people around you

Express your goals and your position to the people in your life. Explain to them that negativity or sabotage will not be tolerated, and that their support is very important to you. By having the people in your life in on your journey, you will feel a force of action, accountability. Also, not having to deal with negativity or sabotage, you’ll have a lot more energy to focus on reaching your goals. Make this a family project everyone will benefit from it!

3.       Create a winning environment

At home, organise your kitchen with the right tools: a food scale, measuring cups and spoons, clean out your refrigerator and pantry. Get rid of all the temptation foods. If your partner and kids refuse to take on this journey with you, ask them for their collaboration for a few weeks at least, to help you really get used to your new lifestyle.

If you plan on working out from home, set up a workout spot. If this is in your living room, have storage for your DVDs, free weights, resistance bands, mat, running shoes. If everything is close at hand, you will be more likely to use it and workout.

Set up a motivation board with sentences and images that inspire you and remind you of your goals. All visual reminders will help you keep your focus.

At work, don’t keep unhealthy snacks around, always have a bottle of water and if there’s a kitchen where [people always leave donuts and cookies, avoid that space.

By doing these 3 steps before even thinking about changing your eating habits and going to the gym, you’ll now be able to set up a solid plan and to follow that plan!

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to communicate with me!

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